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13. Juli 2014

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Super Scrapped Robot is a retro action twin stick shooter in 4 shades of green! Jump into the adventures of a tiny robot with a bipolar personality disorder and the compulsion to put things on its head: The only source of joy in the fragments of an shattered planet.


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We did the precursor Scrapped Robot for the first gameboy jam in 2013. After that we continued to develop the game to the version it is today.

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  • Adventure: Eleven thrilling quests and five hidden hats protected by mighty bosses.
  • Hardcore: Can you master five quests in a row? If not you will loose everything.
  • Action: Infinite generated levels with a bunch of enemies.
  • Couch: Gamepad support for Mac, Linux, Windows and your browser.
  • Multi-platform: Available for iPhone, iPad, Mac, Linux, Windows and in your browser.


Gameplay Trailer YouTube

Teaser YouTube


download all screenshots & photos as .zip (491KB)


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Selected Articles

  • "Für Retro-Gamer ist Super Scrapped Robot eine Perle im AppStore. Pixel-Look und klassisches Gameplay für lau!"
    - Marcus Schwarten, iplayapps.de
  • "Super Scrapped Robot is a meticulous retro recreation and legitimately great adventure all in one"
    - Jordan Minor, 148apps.com
  • "Super Scrapped Robot masterfully recreates the feel of old Gameboy games. Fans of retro games are going to absolutely love it."
    - PaulH, gameplayersreview.com
  • "Between its sights, sounds, design, and feel, Super Scrapped Robot does a better job of feeling like an actual Game Boy game than most that make the attempt."
    - Shaun Musgrave, toucharcade.com

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Launch Blog Post
A little bit about how the game came together log.bureaubureau.de.

Scrapped Robot
The Gameboy Jam Game on wich Super Scrapped Robot is based bureaubureau.de.

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Super Scrapped Robot Credits

Philip Wagner

Malte Buttjer

Adrian Block
Sound & Music, Freelancer

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